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Te Anamata, Te Ipurangi. Our Future, Our Internet.

Ko tā NetHui he whakatōpū i ngā reo maha o Aotearoa ki te wānanga i te ipurangi, hei whakaaweawe i ōnā kaupapa maha. He raranga i te here whanaungatanga hei painga mō te anamata o te ipurangi.

Whakakotahi i a tātau, ki te titiro whakamuri e anga whakamua hei oranga mō ngā whānau me ngā whakatipuranga.

NetHui is a space for the many voices of Aotearoa to discuss and explore future possibilities, ideas, and challenges. Weaving the fibres of whanaungatanga and interconnectedness into the future of the Internet.

Together, we build on our past, to create a better future for ourselves, our whānau, and generations to come.

Kua raranga tahi tātou he whāriki ipurangi mō āpōpō

Together, we weave the mat of the Internet for future generations.

NetHui Tūī

Te Tūī i te rerenga o te kitenga i ngā whaitua hou.

by Mark Kopua, Indigenous artist 

Te Tūī (The Tūī)
i te rerenga (in the flight)
o te kitenga (of the discovering)
i ngā whaitua hou (new horizons)

According to Ngāti Porou, the whakapapa of the tūī comes down through the Tangaroa and Parauri lines who are both children of Rangi and Papa.

The tūī line is Tangaroa who had Punga, who had a union with Parauri and they had Rehua, who then had tūī, Koko, and Korimako. All these three tree dwelling birds have exceptional voices and plumage.

Because of the tūī’s specific and melodious singing, which includes bell-like tones and notes, a wide variety and series of clicks and wheezes, traditional Māori believed the tūī to be a messenger of higher messages from distant realms and people.

Giving recognition for someone possessing a beautiful or powerful voice is in the following statement — “Me he korokoro tūī”, meaning “ like the voice of a tūī” Indeed, the tūī is one of the few native birds with a known ability to imitate human speech.

So, much like the internet community, the tūī has a strong, ever-present, and ever recognisable and diverse voice.

Notwithstanding the tūī’s most iconic throat tuft, the tūī plumage is exceptionally beautiful, with blacks and browns, carrying upon them, iridescent hues of blue, green, and indigo. These are the tūī’s genealogical hues from the sky, sea, and earth.

It is a regal plumage that like the internet community, reaches across and cloaks vast spaces.

Because the tūī is a very territorial bird often seen chasing other birds away from its space, Māori believed the tūī to be a symbol of Tumatauenga — the atua of war and strategy. In doing so, they’re often seen fiercely spreading their wings, fluffing their feather, and making loud challenging squawks.

Like the futuristic advances of the internet the tūī is a symbol of fearlessness to take challenges beyond the comfort of familiarity.

by Mark Kopua, Indigenous artist 

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